About Awara

For over 20 years Awara has been successfully acting as financial advisor and service provider for Russian and foreign businesses. Awara delivers professional services designed to overcome cross-cultural problems in reporting (international reporting) and to ensure full compliance with Russian statutory financial and tax accounting rules. We analyze the specific needs of customers and provide training and automated reporting solutions.

Awara’s history is related to our groups business of providing our clients comprehensive solutions in managing businesses in Russia. Our core focus is on considering our clients total interests in Russia by evaluating and enhancing the needed business situation and processes.

Awara offers full accounting outsourcing, additionally to book-keeping routines: credit control, invoicing, statutory and management reporting, tax reports, pay-roll, translations of Russian financial data (RAS) to International standards (GAAP, IFRS) and vice versa, and other services necessary for business operations of any size.

Other Services:

Audit Services. Awara serves clients all over Russia in matters ranging from conducting preliminary internal review to preparing complete audit documentation in accordance with Russian statutory principles and requirements. We conduct our audits in IFRS, GAAP and RAS formats; provide internal operations control and set-up services for revision committees. We help you identify financial advantages and potential financial risks.

Interim Management. Awara offers outsourced business management, including the services of nominal General Director, as well as assistance with corporate and individual work permits and visas. Setting-up your corporate structures and implementing Russian corporate governance form a part of our risk-management services.

Executive Search Services. Awara specializes in finding the best people for the best firms and the best jobs for the best people in Russia using direct search and headhunting methods.

Read more about our recruitment services at www.awara-search.com, contact us now to schedule a meeting, or call us.

Legal Support Services. BRICS Consulting – provides litigation services and practical legal solutions to corporate and individual clients in all major areas of law.

Read more about our legal services at BRICS Consulting homepage, contact us now to schedule a meeting, or call us.

Awara IT-Solutions provides the optimal IT solutions for business management in Russia, tailored to clients’ needs and in accordance with local formalities. Our solutions include the implementation and customization of IT Strategy, ERP systems, Task management, CRM systems, Financial Administration Processes, and the translation of international accounting reporting standards (IFRS, GAAP) to Russian (RAS) and vice versa. We are a certified Microsoft Partner.

Read more about our IT services at Awara IT Solutions homepage, contact us now to schedule a meeting, or call us.

Market research Services. Awara is a unique service provider of marketing solutions and services for any business that wants to enter a new market or industry in order to sell well targeted products or services.

Read more about our marketing and market research services at www.awara-marketing.com, contact us now to schedule a meeting, or call us.

Awara Eduhouse Training is one of the top business coaching providers in Russia and Finland. We have developed cutting edge corporate training solutions for enhancement of business skills.

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