General Document and Information Flow Process Description

In order to provide our customers with top quality services, as well as ensure efficiency and accuracy of the accounting process, we agree with our customers procedures for outsourcing. The procedure describe the accounting services that will be provided, determine responsibilities and the parties’ cooperation when outsourcing.

Step 1

The customer provides primary accounting source documents regularly to Awara: Scanned copies by e-mail or Original document.

Step 2

The customer provides information on business trips, sick-leaves, other compensations via remote desktop use (VPN connection) or by email.

Step 3

Awara processes the documents and inputs  the information to the accounting software. The compliance of the documents is verified during this stage. Legal support regarding compliance & tax issues is provided by Awara’s legal devision (BRICS Consulting law firm).

Step 4

Awara prepares salary and accounting calculations.

Step 5

Internal quality control department takes place: calculations are reviewed and double-checked.

Step 6

Awara produces final accounting calculations and the necessary HR documents, reports to the Russian authorities and to the client’s management. Reporting to tax and other authorities is performed via electronic reporting platform.

Step 7

Awara prepares salary and other payments in bank client system and notifies the customer that payments are ready to be approved.

Step 8

Customer approves payments in bank client system.

You can also view this scheme in the PDF.