HR Administration (Outsourcing of Personnel Administration)

Russian legislation requires documentation in certain cases relating to the relationship of the employer and employee: hiring and firing, the assignment of a business trip, sick leave or vacations. Improper preparation of necessary documents leads to negative consequences for responsible personnel and for the company as a whole.

We suggest that you reduce the risks upon audits by public authorities (Labor Inspectorate, Social Insurance Fund, pension fund or tax inspections) and transfer management of personnel records to Awara professionals who have all the necessary knowledge of labor, immigration and tax laws. Transferring the maintenance of personnel records to Awara, you can be sure of complying with all rules and regulations of the Russian legislation. Our HR administration outsourcing services include:

  • development of local normative acts of the enterprise
  • development of documents for personnel management
  • development of documents on labor protection
  • development of documents on registration of personnel, working hours and payments to personnel, accounting and registration documents
  • preparing of orders on hiring, transfer, and dismissal
  • preparation of vacation schedules
  • services for overhaul of the personnel administration (if at the moment it is not being conducted or is conducted improperly)
  • audit of personnel administration – uncovering violations of HR documentation in accordance with the norms of the legislation and fixing related errors

Sergey Minyailo
Head of Financial Outsourcing Department

Antonina Kashlyak
Key Account Manager

Eva Hua
Business Consultant


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