Payroll Services

Awara Accounting’s payroll service consists of calculation of salaries, incentives and reimbursements; calculation of taxes and filing of tax returns, provision of electronic salary slips; and provision of all necessary statutory and management reports. The service starts with a thorough start-up analysis for defining and establishing the various procedures, critical dates and software needs.

In addition to ensuring all statutory and other common payroll routines, we offer extended value-added services such as “Private Lounge,” a web based information channel between the employee and the company. This speeds up information exchange and lowers the cost of processing complex payroll and HR data.

An example of our superior service is that we advise in adapting your corporate incentive policies to local requirements to ensure full compliance. In short, we assist in putting in place the needed data systems to meet all your needs.

Our payroll services include:

  • Calculation of salaries, incentives, bonuses, and other remunerations
  • Handling expense reimbursement
  • Payslips and expense reimbursement reports to employees
  • Tax calculations
  • Social security and pensions calculations
  • Filing of all government reports on taxes and other payments
  • Reporting to employer to any extent required
  • Time and attendance reports
  • Payroll budgeting, including net to gross calculations
  • Business control reports
  • HR and payroll software that will fulfil all your controlling and reporting needs

Sergey Minyailo
Head of Financial Outsourcing Department

Eva Hua
Business Consultant


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