Awara Private Lounge ©

Awara presents Payroll Private Lounge – an application that provides secure access to the employee’s financial information (detailed slips and salary calculations, certificates, personal info)

This system enables your organization efficiency, hence important cost savings due to simply and rapid information exchange. Employees provide information about travel planning and expense reimbursement, hours worked (synchronized with Awara Time-Sheet System ©), vacations, sick-leaves and other relevant information related to remuneration and expenses.

This information is not only available for payroll accounting, but also for the HR functions enabling important cost savings in processing the statutory HR-documentation.

On the other hand, for the employee, receiving the payment slip and detailed information about the payment into a Private Lounge is really easy and fast.


  • Easy Internet-access for all salary calculations for any employee: just follow the link and use login and password
  • 24*7 and high security level access to personal payments data
  • User-friendly interface
  • Options to choose salary data for different periods
  • Access to taxes and bonuses information
  • Printing of the payment vouchers and reports
  • Storing payment vouchers of various periods on server
  • Various reports based on information stored in 1C